Bod Sculpt  

Body Sculpt

Body sculpt, is a hybrid full body workout combining high intensity, high impact cardio achieving high fat loss and small muscle isolations and isometric holds. Whether you are looking for greater muscle definition or a long lean aesthetic and firm body balance this class is for you.


Strength & Stretch

Strength & stretch, includes a range of strengthening and toning exercises, both isometric and isotonic which make you stronger, fitter and leaner. During rest periods we will focus on stretching, to lengthen muscles whilst improving strength and recovery. All exercises will be set to a tempo, designed to make you perform the exercises to your optimum ability.


Thai Boxing 
(Muay Thai)

Thai Boxing, With elements of aerobic as well as anaerobic exercises bundled into it, Thai Boxing class promises incredible levels of fitness.

With Increased heart rate and the engaging of multiple muscle groups, packing a calorie-burning punch and kicks every session. Basic skills of a Thai boxer are picked up along the way  and paired with cardio and resistance training elements.